Doosan Yonkang Foundation Hosts the 2019 Overseas Economic Study Tour for Teachers

120 elementary, middle and high school teachers in 3 groups visit industrial sites in Changwon, Korea, and Japan


Doosan Yonkang Foundation (Chairman Yong Hyun Park) is hosting the 2019 Overseas Economic
Study Tour for 120 elementary, middle and high school teachers from June 4 to June 25.

The teachers, who were selected from among those recommended by metropolitan and provincial
offices of education nationwide, went on an eight-day, seven-night tour in three groups. After first
visiting the Changwon industrial site in South Gyeongsang Province, Korea, the delegates are
scheduled to visits other industrial sites and facilities in Japan, including Yaskawa Electric
Corporation, Nissan Motor Corporation’s manufacturing plant, the Shabondama Factory, the Toyota
Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, and the Brother Museum.

“It is our pleasure to contribute to building a solid foundation on which our future talents can be
nurtured as leaders of Korea by hosting a tour to major industrial sites in Japan, an economic
powerhouse,” said Chairman Park.

Since his inauguration as the head of the foundation in 2005, Chairman Park has accompanied
teachers on the overseas economic study tour every year.

Doosan Yonkang Foundation`s Overseas Economic Study Tour delegates pose for a photo together on June 5 after touring the industrial robotics manufacturing base of the Yaskawa Electric Corporation in Kitakyushu, Japan.