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Scholarships • Academic Support

Scholarships • Academic Support

Doosan Yonkang Foundation provides various Scholarships and Academic Support to potential leaders of the 21st century.

Scholarships • Academic Support

Doosan Yonkang Scholarship

Doosan Yonkang Foundation has selected high school and university students with outstanding academic achievement despite their difficult circumstances as 'Doosan Yonkang Scholarship' and provided them with full tuition since 1979. To empower promising future leaders who try their best in their hardships, selected scholarship students are supported till they graduate.

Doosan Scholarship for Teenagers in Need

Doosan Yonkang Foundation awards scholarship elementary or junior high school students in difficult circumstances. In addition to financial support, Doosan employees also participate to share moments in outdoor activities with these teenagers in 1-to-1 sessions to enrich their character.

Chinese Research Scholarship

Doosan Yonkang Foundation has selected and supported scholars since 1992 for in-depth studies of China, which is reshaping the global economic landscape with a rapid growth. The selected scholars with a master's degree or higher in humanities and social sciences are provided full tuition and living expenses to conduct their research in Chinese studies at prestigious universities in China for an year.

Doosan 'Dream Tree' Scholarship

To discover and foster talented junior athletes, Doosan Yonkang Foundation provides scholarships to talented youth in hardship with outstanding athletic abilities.

Enhancing the understanding of Korean Culture

Doosan Yonkang Foundation is establishing/supporting Korean studies courses in overseas universities to spread our language and culture worldwide.

Multicultural Family Scholarship

Doosan Yonkang Foundation provides a scholarship to elementary school students in hardship with multi-cultural family background. In addition to scholarships, various study materials needed for schoolwork like reference books, video lessons, dictionaries, etc. are provided to assist students who experience difficulties due to differences in language and culture.

Scholarship for Disaster Stricken Areas

Doosan Yonkang Foundation has provided a scholarship for students in the area affected by natural disasters since 2006, for supporting students in their efforts to continue studying is as necessary as a disaster recovery and other types of support. Disaster recovery and other support activities are important, but supporting students to continue their study is also necessary.

Research Fund

To create a better environment and support the fundamental researches, Doosan Yonkang Foundation provides researchers and institutes around the country with research fund, to help them stay focused on research activities.

Doosan Yonkang Academic Awards

Doosan Yonkang Foundation has established 'Doosan Yonkang Academic Award' to promote medical technology in our country and increase motivation of young medical scientists to research further.