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  1. Scholarships · Academic Support
  2. Overseas Academic Tour for Teachers
  3. Book Donations
  4. Cultural and Art Activities
  • Scholarships · Academic Support

    Doosan Yonkang Foundation provides a range of scholarships to cultivate talents who will lead the future.

    Scholarships · Academic Support
  • Overseas Academic Tour for Teachers

    Doosan Yonkang Foundation provides teachers with the opportunity to experience an overseas educational system.

    Overseas Academic Tour for Teachers
  • Book Donations

    Doosan Yonkang Foundation is striving to build a society where everyone receives equal educa-tional opportunities.

    Book Donations
  • Cultural and Art Activities

    Doosan Yonkang Foundation discovers and nurtures young artists actively working in diverse art genres

    Cultural and Art Activities

Activities of the Doosan Yonkang Foundation


  • Hosts 7th Doosan Yonkang Art Awards

    - Ja Hye Khoo honored in performing arts; Heecheon Kim, Gwang Soo Park, and Hoin Lee honored in fine arts - 430 million won in prize money and support given for production, exhibitions On Oct. 7, the Doosan Yonk ...

    | Doosan Yonkang Foundation

  • elebrates Publication of Science Teachers’ Overseas Study Travel Writi ...

    On Aug. 26, Doosan Yonkang Foundation (Chairman Yong Hyun Park) held a ceremony to commemorate the publication of a compilation of travel essays titled “One Step on a Journey Toward Winning the Nobel Prize,” at the ...

    | Doosan Yonkang Foundation

Creating a prosperous future

The Doosan Yonkang Foundation, founded in 1978 to follow up on the ideal of "education is the driving force of national development" in memory of late Yonkang(蓮崗) Too Pyung Park(朴斗秉, 1910~1973), has provided various social welfare activities.