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About Us

About Us

Doosan Yonkang Foundation will always be with you so that we can share a prosperous future.

About Us


Doosan Yonkang Foundation was founded in 1978 to realize Sir Yonkang, Too Pyung Park's belief, “the education is the driving force of national development”, and is actively participating in various activities for the development of our nation.


Encourage and support various social contribution activities that Doosan Yonkang Foundation is carrying out as a member of Doosan Group, the growing global enterprise of the 21st century.


The objective of Doosan Yonkang Foundation is to enrich national culture and contribute to national development.


The path that Doosan Yonkang Foundation has taken from 1978 to present.

Global Performance

Doosan Yonkang Foundation supports various academic activities to foster talents who will lead our future in the 21st century.


Doosan’s corporate identify provides guidelines for each element of the Doosan Visual System including the logo. Through the corporate identify, Doosan's image as a company that enriches the lives of people all around the world is made apparent.

Our Belief

Doosan Way is a unique management approach and driving force behind the growth of the Doo-san; it provides guidance on our social responsibility.